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Silly place names



Fryup, North Yorkshire

There's not even a pub let alone a greasy spoon cafe; in this North Yorkshire hamlet. You can however join the locals in a quiet game of quoits on the village green. Divided into Great Fryup and Little Fryup dales, the name comes from the old Norse ladies name of Fria and Up, meaning small valley.




Two Egg, Florida

You must be yoking!! Located among the trees and lakes of Jackson County, the town's name is a reminder of the difficult days of the Great Depression when residents traded farm goods such as eggs for goods at from the local store. The childhood home of Academy Award winning actress Faye Dunaway




Monkeys Eyebrow, Kentucky

Stop monkeying around! With Ballard County shaped like a monkey's head on the map, this town is situated at the very spot where the eyebrow should have been, hence the name. Needless to say, there are two Monkey's Eyebrows, commonly known as Old Monkey and New Monkey




Muff, County Donegal, Ireland

This once-sleepy village in Donegal may conjure up all kinds of hairy images but Muff is actually a seaside spot that's very popular with scuab divers. We hope its name had nothing to do with this!




Shitterton, Dorset

The residents of of Shitterton in Dorset also wanted to change the name of their village. They chose the less embarrassing name of Sitterton but to this day there's been no change. To make matters worse, the pretty hamlet town's sign was repeatedly stolen so they had to place a heavy stone one its place to deter burglars.




Crackpot, North Yorkshire

You wouldn't think the village of Crackpot in North Yorkshire could be this beautiful but it seems you shouldn't be deceived by a name. Crackpot actually derives from the Old English word crow (kraka) and the Viking word pot meaning a cavity or deep hole in a river bed


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