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Gretna Green Piper Celebrates
60th Year of Piping

Gretna Green, the renowned, award-winning, family-owned wedding, tourism, and hospitality destination, proudly announces a remarkable milestone in its history.


Alan Marshall, the beloved piper whose melodies have charmed generations of visitors and wedding couples, is celebrating his 60th year of piping at Gretna Green.

Alan's journey began with childhood admiration for his older brother Billy's piping skills. "Billy taught me everything," Alan fondly recalls. "I just learned, looking at his fingers. I don't read music. I just played by ear, Billy taught me all the little tunes."

In 1999, Alan took over the reins after Billy's passing, ensuring that the tradition continued.

Reflecting on his 60-year milestone, Alan shares, "Reaching the milestone of 60 years of piping at Gretna Green, it's been a lifetime really. It means a lot to me, a lot of happy memories. And as I said before, there's not another job like it, really. I've had some great times, met some good friends. And the people that come back for an anniversary and see me after five years or ten years and they are surprised. And when I see the couples coming back I'm quite delighted because there's something about this place that draws people back, whether it's the charm, the history".

John Holliday, Chairman of Gretna Green, speaks with admiration of Alan's milestone: "Celebrating 60 years with Alan is incredible. He's not just a piper; he's a cherished part of our team here at Gretna Green. His music brings smiles to everyone he meets."

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