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Guide-led talks hosted at Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre this January

Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre will be hosting two very informative guide-led talks this January for visitors to enjoy.

The Road to Bosworth: Two Royal House at War 1455 -1485 kicks off the series for the New Year and will be hosted on Sunday 21 January. The talk offers the opportunity for visitors to hear about tales of 30 years of war and infighting between two rival royal houses for the crown and total power across these islands, and ultimately a reflection on what led to Richard III and Henry Tudor colliding on that fateful day in August 1485.

The second of the talks, The Yorkist Battle for the throne after Bosworth: The de la Poles and Poles, opens a window to the past looking into what happened next. The Battle of Bosworth saw the last Plantagenet King killed in battle and ushered in the Tudor dynasty, but was this really the end of the Wars of the Roses? At this talk, visitors are invited to discover what happened to the Yorkists that still had a claim to the Throne and learn how their legacy can still be seen today.

Pre-booking is essential for both talks. Secure your ticket online at
or by calling the team on 01455 290429.

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