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Buckfast Abbey


Buckfast Abbey is closing most of its site to the public in response to the escalating Covid-19 Pandemic.

The Grange Restaurant, the Monastic Way Exhibition and the shops are shut until further notice. All garden events, concerts and beekeeping courses have also been postponed. The Abbey Church and the gardens remain open.  Any existing bookings at the monastery Guesthouse, the Southgate Retreat Centre and the Conference Centre will continue for the remainder of this week. However, no new bookings or arrivals will be accepted from Saturday, 21st March.

Buckfast Abbey’s General Manager, Jonathan Deacon, said: “We have taken these steps following recommendations from Public Health England to safeguard our visitors, monastic community and staff. We believe these actions are both responsible and measured in the current circumstances. Further decisions may be taken in due course as a result of developments with the pandemic.”

Please check the Abbey’s Facebook page for further updates



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