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The Devil’s Porridge Museum

The Devil’s Porridge Museum has received generous support from Museums Galleries Scotland and Visit Scotland, in total a sum of over £100,000.  This will enable the Museum to re-open (which it has been, daily from April 26th) and also add some new features. “It is Covid Recovery and Resilience funding so some of it is to help ensure we can re-open and ensure that we are as safe and clean as we can be for our visitors” explained Judith Hewitt, Museum Manager.
The Museum café has also been refurbished.  Chairman Richard Brodie enthused, "Thanks to the funding we have been able to invest in our cafe and create an elegant and comfortable space for coffee drinkers and those looking for a tasty lunch. The furniture and decor has been specially chosen to reflect a Rennie Mackintosh style which was embraced by the architects who designed the garden villages of Eastriggs and Gretna and the WW1 state management pubs and coffee houses."

the museum is great for nostalgia and in

There will also be new things added to the Museum.  “When we're-open, we will have an exhibition about Dorothée Pullinger on display.” Said Judith.  “She was a pioneering female engineer and worked at Arrol Johnston in Dumfries before working in munitions during World War One.  In the 1920s, she established the Galloway Car Factory at Tongland near Kirkcudbright (famously making a car for women which was made by women).”“We’re looking forward to welcoming groups again when it is safe to do so.” finished Judith. For group bookings: Arna Johnston The Devil’s Porridge Museum, Annan Road,Eastriggs,DG12 6TF Tel 01461 700021

The Museum is great for nostalgia

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