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Winchester Cathedral to bring the spectacle of the Crown Jewels and Coronations to Winchester in new immersive light show

Crown and Coronation at Winchester Cathedral from 4 - 8 March 2024


The splendour of Coronations and the Crown Jewels will be brought to Winchester in a new immersive light show arriving at Winchester Cathedral this March. Crown and Coronation will bring the spectacle, significance, and shared experience of Coronations to life, demonstrating the pivotal role of the Crown Jewels, part of the Royal Collection, within the ceremony. Following its launch at the Tower of London in November 2023 the show is embarking on a UK wide tour of famous landmarks and locations, including Winchester.

Crown and Coronation has been created by Historic Royal Palaces – the charity that cares for the Tower of London - in partnership with Luxmuralis, as part of an artistic collaboration between artist Peter Walker and composer David Harper. The show will feature stunning imagery spanning more than 1000 years of history, in the magnificent setting of Winchester Cathedral. 


The projections and soundscape will sweep through the 14th and 15th century Gothic Nave showing images of the Crown Jewels, the precious symbols at the very heart of the Coronation ceremony, projected through detailed footage captured from historic Coronation ceremonies.  Accompanied by the emotive musical score, the immersive experience will give a sense of  enjoying a private view to an audience of the stupendous jewels.

The Crown and Coronation light show launches only months after the world witnessed the Crown Jewels in use at a Coronation for the first time in 70 years.

The Very Reverend Catherine Ogle, Dean of Winchester, said: ‘I am delighted to welcome this Crown and Coronation themed immersive light show to Winchester Cathedral.  With its own ancient royal heritage, this is an ideal place in which to experience the stunning spectacle spanning 1,000 years of history.  This will be a captivating and beautiful experience and I’m looking forward to Crown and Coronations being here from March 4 - 8 2024.’

For more information about the event and ticketing details, please visit the Winchester Cathedral website 

Book online, call 01962 857 275 or book in-person at the Box Office inside Winchester Cathedral.

Charles Farris, Public Historian for the History of the Monarchy at Historic Royal Palaces, said, “The Crown Jewels hold deep religious, historic, and cultural significance, and we are really excited to be bringing this magnificent collection to people around the UK following a historic Coronation year. Crown and Coronation will immerse visitors to Winchester Cathedral in the rich history of the British monarchy, Coronations, and the Crown Jewels.”


Peter Walker, Sculptor and Artist at Luxmuralis, said, “We are delighted to be working with Historic Royal Palaces on this spectacular light show, which will transform some of the UK’s most remarkable buildings into an articulating and evolving display of historic images, awash with light and accompanied by compositions which chart changes to music over the period.”

Photo credits: Photos by Luxmuralis. Created by the Luxmuralis artistic collaboration, Peter Walker Sculptor and David Harper Composer, in partnership with Historic Royal Palaces. In association with the Royal Collection Trust.

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