AGTO has always stressed the need for Members to make sure they use Operators who are sufficiently bonded - make sure you use a responsible and financially sound tour operator and always ensure you have proof that adequate Bonding is in place.  

Unfortunately, all too often Members continue to carry out their business without their own Insurance relying on the Operators. NB:  Always check the bonding credentials

Unfortunately, we have had news of a couple of businesses that have collapsed leaving customers with no recourse:  East Anglia Holidays and Carol Peters Coachs in Kent          

Guidance on Mental Health and Wellbeing

While everyone is working hard to deal with the business and employment impacts of Coronavirus, one of the overlooked issues of this is the impact on the mental health of business owners and employees. To help with this, the Government has produced guidance on how to protect people from the psychological impacts which is worth sending out to support your members. The key suggestions are:

Consider how to connect with others
Help and support others
Talk about your worries
Look after your physical wellbeing
Look after your sleep
Try to manage difficult feelings
Manage your media and information intake
Get the facts
Think about your new daily routine
Do things you enjoy
Set goals
Keep your mind active
Take time to relax and focus on the present
If you can, once a day get outside or bring nature in