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My Life in Travel


Ellie Fulcher

I am Fred Olsen Cruise Lines Group Sales Manager, immersing myself in various sales roles and deepening my passion for travel.

Before joining Fred Olsen, I have in the cruise industry across different prestigious cruise operators like Seabourn Line, Cunard Line, and Costa Cruises in London, as well as P&O Cruises & Princess Cruises in Sydney, Australia.

My foundational knowledge in travel and tourism was built at Suffolk College, which was further enriched by my time working for Monarch Airlines.

Where was your first holiday?

My inaugural venture into the world of holidays was a quaint family camping trip to Mont Saint Michel, straddling Brittany and Normandy in Northern France, at the tender age of four. This singular camping experience of my childhood sparked a lifelong interest, especially considering Mont Saint Michel's stature as a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. I'm keen on revisiting this magical locale with my two young children, introducing them to their first camping adventure in such a historically rich setting.

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If money wasn’t an issue, where would you go and what would you do there?

I've been fortunate to traverse the globe, experiencing a mosaic of cultures and landscapes from backpacking across continents to cruising through untouched paradises like Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska. Yet, the allure of the unexplored beckons. A luxury safari in Kenya or Tanzania tops my bucket list, promising an enchanting escape into the wild, capped off with a serene retreat to the pristine beaches of Zanzibar.

What is your favourite coach tour destination?

While my experiences with coach tours have been sparse, especially post-motherhood, a nostalgic recollection takes me back to a school ski trip to Austria. The journey through breath-taking landscapes, devoid of airport hassles, remains a cherished memory. In my current role, I encourage group travel organisers to explore the unparalleled value of cruising over traditional coach tours, offering a seamless transition to the world of ocean cruising.

Which has been your worst holiday?

I've been blessed with holidays that have mostly been delightful. However, a challenging experience came with our first family holiday with our six-month-old daughter, Ruby, to Lanzarote. The combination of cold weather, an unhappy baby, and night flights taught us valuable lessons in family travel. It steered us towards more child-friendly options like fully-inclusive resorts and cruises for summer travels.

And what has been your best holiday?


Two holidays stand out vividly in my memory. The first, a QE2 cruise from Southampton to New York, was made unforgettable by my husband's romantic proposal under the moonlit sky. The second, a Pacific Princess cruise to the South Pacific Islands, introduced me to the untouched beauty of Wala, an island that warmly welcomed us with its native charm and hospitality.



What travel tips would you pass on to other travellers?

Understanding the climatic conditions of your destination is crucial, as is ensuring that you're covered with up-to-date travel insurance. For those traveling in Europe, possessing an EHIC card is a must for health coverage. From a personal habit, I never travel without my earplugs and alarm clock, ensuring peace and punctuality on my journeys.

Do you feel it’s more enjoyable to travel or to arrive?

The excitement of my holidays begins the moment I step out of my home. The allure of stress-free travel, especially on a cruise that sails directly from the UK, enhances the overall enjoyment of the journey. With Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines offering a multitude of cruises from regional UK ports, the convenience and comfort of starting your holiday on your doorstep cannot be overstated.


Where do you intend to travel next?

My family and I eagerly anticipate our upcoming cruise on the Balmoral to Spain,

Portugal, and Gibraltar. The intimacy and unique itineraries offered by

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines beckon us to explore further, with the Norwegian

Fjords and Baltic Capitals high on our travel list. A weekend getaway to Venice also

awaits, marking a significant birthday celebration.

Who would be your ideal travel companion?

My husband, Allen, remains my steadfast travel partner, sharing countless adventures over the last 15 years. Yet, for destinations like India, where his enthusiasm wanes, my sister, seasoned in the vibrant Indian culture, becomes my chosen companion.

Have you a ‘secret gem’ of a destination?

Among my personal hidden gems are Wala in Vanuatu and Kefalonia in the Greek Islands. 

Thank you for joining me on this reflective journey through my travels and experiences.

What was your best meal abroad?


My culinary journey through Asia, particularly indulging in the authentic flavors of Thai street food, remains unmatched. However, a memorable dining experience at Café Sydney, with its open roof and the Southern Hemisphere's star-filled sky, adds a romantic highlight to my gastronomic adventures.

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