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Barnsdale is Proud to Delight You With Dahlias!

Do you delight in the wonder of Dahlias? Are you amazed by Asteraceae? Then look no further than Barnsdale Gardens located in the East Midlands in August, when you will be tickled pink (and coral and red and get the picture!) to see a stunning display of these gorgeous blooms!   

Dahlia Week
Dahlia Fortnight runs from the 25th August to 8th September and is a time when you see these beautiful plants in all their glory.  The Dahlias will be located all through the Gardens, there will over 50 different varieties to see.

Not only will these not-so-shrinking violets be on display, but on the 25th of August, Karen Gimson will be hosting talks and walks throughout the day on everything Dahlia.  From growing to storage and cuttings to varieties and flower arrangements, there is nothing she does not know about these stunning plants. Karen has been a garden designer and travelling head gardener for large gardens for 25 years and writes a weekly column for Garden News Magazine. She also appears on the BBC Radio Leicester gardening show and writes her blog

Can't Wait? Shop Till You Drop!
Do you want your Dahlias now?  Then don't panic as the Barnsdale online shop is the fix any gardener will need for their Dahlia addiction!  They already have eight superb varieties and they will be getting many more.

Choose from: 
Dahlia 'Roxy' is an incredible variety with bright, magenta-pink flowers produced over a very long season and held above a clump of red-green leaves.

Dahlia 'Moonfire' is a gorgeous variety with the golden-yellow flowers having a bright band of orange around the centre, which contrast beautifully with the glossy mahogany-black foliage.

Dahlia 'Sarah' is a beautiful variety with stunning bright red flowers produced over a very long season and held above a clump of mahogany-brown leaves.

Dahlia 'Bishop of Llandaff' is a stunning variety with the scarlet flowers produced above the metallic, dark coppery foliage.

Dahlia 'Piper's Pink' is an incredible, short variety, with cactus-like pink flowers produced over a very long season and held above a clump of green leaves.

Dahlia 'Tally Ho' is a beautiful variety with stunning, bright-red flowers with a yellow centre, produced over a very long season, above a clump of bronze foliage.

Dahlia 'Dreamy Hot Chocolate' is a stunning variety with star-shaped, rich chocolate flowers set against the very dark, almost black foliage.

Dahlia 'Mystic Illusion' is a fantastic newer variety with lemon-yellow flowers glowing in front of the contrasting glossy mahogany-black foliage.


There's plenty to see and do all year round at Barnsdale Gardens!

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