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Looking for a unique and quirky addition to your group itinerary in London?

Look no further than Frameless, the city's first permanent digital immersive arts experience.

As you enter, the ceiling is adorned with lights, you'll be intrigued to see how the team behind Frameless has managed to showcase art in such a completely unique way.

The Beyond Reality gallery is an excellent starting point, offering a transformative experience where mirrors, lights, and a powerful musical score transport you out of Marble Arch and into the world of the paintings themselves. From floating along in The Garden of Earthly Delights to trekking through the desert with Salvador Dali's The Elephants, there are moments that will truly take your breath away.

The giant projection of Edvard Munch's famous The Scream is a particular highlight, offering a completely alternative perspective on the creation. It's fascinating to watch others' reactions as we all search for how it works - it's a truly immersive experience that you won't want to miss.
Next up, the Art of Abstraction gallery invites you to wind through a maze of color, shape, and form to discover the pioneers of abstract art. The use of bold colors, dynamic shapes, and music brings the world of abstract art to life in a way that's truly a treat for the senses.

In the Color in Motion gallery, it's as if you're the painter mastering every brush stroke and pigment of color as artworks by Monet, Van Gogh, Seurat, and Morisot come to life all around you. This space is particularly calming, with your movements affecting the motion of the 'paintings.' It's a truly wonderful and clever experience.

Finally, The World Around Us gallery is the largest of the four spaces, featuring landscapes, cityscapes, and seascapes that capture the beauty of our world. From fiery volcanoes to dramatic oceans, this gallery takes you on a journey through the centuries with floor-to-wall and ceiling displays that leave no space uncovered.
In total, Frameless features 40 pieces of art by 28 iconic artists, spread out across 30,000 square feet of space. The experience boasts an impressive 50 Panasonic laser projections, 158 speakers, and an incredible 479 million pixels delivered by a million lumens of light.

What's even more impressive is how the creative team behind Frameless has managed to show the connections between artists working centuries apart through the links with colour, techniques, and subject matter.

You can visit the galleries in any order, and each one has an estimated time for the experience listed outside. There are also QR codes outside each gallery that provide information about the artworks you'll experience and an explanation about the gallery and what to expect.
Frameless is where art breaks free and invites you to step into the artworks themselves. You're not just looking at incredible paintings, you're part of them, and you're guaranteed to experience them like never before.

For groups of eight or more, special rates are available, and there's an all-day café bar serving food and drinks, including an art-themed afternoon tea. For more information, head to and prepare to be wowed.

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