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Jodrell Bank: Where wisdom meets wonder

Jodrell Bank is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the heart of the Cheshire countryside that’s long been a symbol of scientific exploration. A beacon on the horizon, Jodrell invites visitors to embark on a journey through space.   
At its core stands the Lovell Telescope, a Grade I listed engineering marvel. Its purpose? To unravel the secrets of the sky and stars above. With its 250ft-wide dish, it’s the UK’s largest steerable Radio Telescope and has been in constant use by astrophysicists from across the globe since 1957.   


FLP Exhibition 1 AB.jpg

The First Light Pavilion, an award-winning architectural grass-topped dome, mirrors the dimensions of the Telescope.

Within its curved interior, hands-on exhibits reveal the Lovell’s secrets, from tracking Sputnik to Apollo moon missions.


Those seeking celestial adventure, the Jodrell Bank Space Dome offers immersive planetarium experiences, where you can witness the birth of stars and explore the solar system through captivating films for all ages.

Like the Universe, Jodrell Bank reveals more as you delve deeper. Presenting a highly successful scientific lecture series throughout the year, as well as Astrophotography classes and Free science shows during the school holidays.    

To refuel during your visit, two cafes offer meals and a selection of treats and beverages, and there are plenty of picturesque picnic spots.

Jodrell Bank really is a gateway to the universe - offering an unforgettable blend of cosmic exploration, natural beauty, and quality family time. It's a place where the wonders of deep space converge and provides a glimpse into the past and future of scientific creativity and endeavour.

No journey to the North West is complete without a trip to Jodrell Bank, so whether you’re a tour group or a family looking for a day of wonder, Jodrell Bank seamlessly combines
education, entertainment, and leaves you feeling in awe of our planet.

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