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Geese to Steal the Spotlight in Kynren's 2024
Summer Season

A delightful gaggle of geese is set to take top billing in this year’s live outdoor theatre performance, Kynren, which kicks off its 2024 summer season on Saturday, July 27th, in Bishop Auckland.

Since 2016, audiences of up to 8,000 have been enchanted as 30 web-footed stars waddle into view on the seven-and-a-half-acre outdoor stage. This magical moment is the result of meticulous preparation by a dedicated team of trainers who work with the animal cast for weeks leading up to their stage debut.

These geese, integral to depicting England’s history and Britain’s agricultural heritage, are currently in rehearsals for their roles in the 90-minute spectacular, featuring prominently in the Georgian Harvest scene and the grand finale.

"To ensure they are show-ready, the geese participate in training sessions every Tuesday evening with some of the 1,000 cast and crew members involved in Kynren each year," explained Laurie Robinson, Director of Cavalry and Estates at Kynren. "Volunteers are trained to understand the geese's body language and how their movements influence the geese."

Despite common perceptions, the Kynren gaggle is notably friendly and has helped many overcome their fear of birds. "The audience’s reaction to the geese is always heartwarming.


They truly steal the scene, and it's impossible not to smile when they appear. Working with these animals ensures that no two days are the same, and they are a joy to be around," Robinson added.

Living on the Kynren site year-round, the geese enjoy a spacious home and a daily swim in the lake. Karen Brass, an Animal Team Leader who has worked with the geese since 2019, remarked, "All of the geese feel right at home here. They love exploring the grounds, and watching them waddle together is a delight—they're such a lovely and loyal group."

The geese also star in Kynren's pre-show entertainment, "Return of the Vikings." In this experience, the geese waddle through an authentic recreation of a 9th-century village as its inhabitants prepare for a raid, complete with a cookhouse, cottages, and a working blacksmith’s forge. This adds an immersive historical element before the main event.

Kynren offers a whirlwind tour of 2,000 years of history, myth, and legend, from Boudicca’s battles with the Romans to the world wars, Vikings, Tudors, Stuarts, Queen Victoria, and the Industrial Revolution. It promises a spellbinding, family-friendly experience filled with thrills, emotions, laughter, and breath-taking moments, all presented on a cinematic scale. The 8,000-seater tribune provides panoramic views of the outdoor stage.

The 90-minute performances begin at sunset and conclude under the stars, running every Saturday night from July 27th to September 14th. Tickets start at £26 for adults and £16 for under 18s. Children aged 3 and under can attend for free when seated on an adult’s lap.

For more information and to book tickets, visit

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