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Fans of the beloved animated duo Wallace & Gromit are in for a treat with the latest offering from Locked in A Room. In collaboration with Aardman, Locked in A Room have created the first ever Wallace & Gromit escape room attraction: A Grand Way Out, featuring 3 duplicate rooms which will allow teams to race head-to-head in an immersive Wallace & Gromit-themed adventure.

Located in Millennium Square, Bristol, the 60-minute experience features a bespoke waiting area where visitors can immerse themselves in the Wallace & Gromit world whilst they wait to receive the narrative set up from a pompous local official.

With a little over an hour until the village science fete and eager to show off his new invention, Wallace has forgotten the code to his workshop! With the help of Gromit, don the Memory-OMatic helmet and take a trip down memory lane to help him remember it, before it’s too late!

The attraction takes visitors through a selection of classic Wallace & Gromit moments, challenging teams to work together to solve puzzles and help jog Wallace’s memory in order to find A Grand Way Out in time for Wallace to premiere his latest invention at the West Wallaby Street science fete.

"We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Aardman to bring this exciting new head-to head experience to our customers" said Locked In A Room Director, Oliver Pfaff. "From lifelong

Wallace & Gromit fans to newcomers on the scene, we have already had a fantastic response to the Wallace & Gromit: A Grand Way Out experience and we are excited to be adding the heavily requested extended availability to our booking system, whilst also allowing teams to race against the other identical rooms at the same time"


Aardman’s Head of Attractions and Live Experiences, Ngaio Harding-Hill added:

“We’re delighted that Aardman’s first Wallace & Gromit Escape Room experience launched in our home city of Bristol. The original themed room gives families the chance to immerse

themselves in the world of Wallace & Gromit; and now the additional rooms offer larger groups the opportunity to compete against each other adding another level of thrill and jeopardy to the visitor experience”.

The new Wallace & Gromit experiences are available to book now at Locked in A Room's Bristol venue, centrally located in Millennium square, and doesn’t require any prior knowledge of the well-loved series. Don't miss your chance to race head-to-head with friends and family in this thrilling new adventure!

About Locked In A Room

Launched in Bristol in 2015, Locked In A Room is an escape room experience that challenges
players to solve puzzles and clues in a race against the clock & other teams in identical rooms.
With central locations in Bristol, Milton Keynes, Exeter, Southampton & Center Parcs, Locked In
A Room is one of the UK's leading providers of immersive entertainment experiences, with over

500,000 players experiencing their rooms. For more information, visit

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