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Cathedral 140 Exhibition:
Southwell Minster celebrates 140 years of being a Cathedral.

We are continuing the celebrations to mark our 140th Year of becoming a cathedral with our special exhibition Cathedral 140.

The exhibition will showcase 140 objects over 10 months from February to November 2024. 

The objects for March will focus on the building of the minster as we know it today. We will learn more about how the building was created and the different architectural styles you can see on display. We have a matchstick model of the Minster, Mason Marks to view, Carved Creatures, a Church Bell, Cats hidden in the North Porch, The Master Mason and much more.

Dates and further information can be found at: Exhibition | Southwell Minster The exhibition will give visitors a unique opportunity to step into the past and walk the footsteps of those who have been before us.

This month we are exploring our grand new building and finding out about the Minster as we know it today. We have a fantastic Matchstick Minster made from 35,000 matchsticks, Mason Marks, a Church Bell and lots more to explore. Sarah Clemson, Visitor and
Volunteer Services Officer.

Visitors can follow the object trail and explore the exhibition. There is something for everyone to do, including a Hunt the Letter game for children and an opportunity to spot a hidden LEGO creature in the minster.

You can find out more at: 140th Cathedral Anniversary | Southwell Minster

Image 4 - North Porch Arch.jpg
Image 3 - Creature Carvings.jpg
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