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Visit Leicester maps out the best of Leicestershire’s
food and drink with new
Taste The Place adventure trails

Calling all adventurous foodies! Unveiling a delicious way to explore Leicestershire, five brand new Taste The Place Taste Adventure maps and trails are now available.

These handy guides, produced in collaboration with district and borough councils, empower visitors and residents alike to embark on a delectable journey through Leicestershire's diverse food and drink scene.

From charming cafes and celebrated restaurants to farm shops bursting with fresh produce and local producers brimming with culinary passion, the trails offer something to tantalize every taste bud.

Explore Leicestershire's Culinary Landscape:

  • Blaby

  • Hinckley and Bosworth

  • Melton

  • North West Leicestershire

  • Oadby and Wigston

A Celebration of Leicestershire's Culinary Prowess:

The Taste The Place campaign shines a spotlight on Leicester and Leicestershire, positioning them as leading culinary destinations within the UK. This initiative encompasses a vast array of eateries, producers, and unforgettable food and drink experiences.

Getting Your Hands on the Maps:

Harborough's Digital Delights:

For those exploring Harborough, a digital Taste The Place map awaits on their website:

Taste The Place: A Collaborative Effort:

Taste The Place is a brainchild of Visit Leicester, the Local Visitor Economy Partnership for Leicester and Leicestershire. Their mission is to promote the city and county, fostering tourism growth and supporting businesses within the sector.

Rebecca Henson, Head of the Growth Service at Leicestershire County Council: "Leicestershire is a haven for food enthusiasts. From world-renowned cheese and craft ales to delectable curries, the county presents a smorgasbord of culinary delights. These handy guides make exploring Leicestershire's finest offerings easier than ever. I highly recommend adding these trails to your summer adventures!"

Edd de Coverly, District & Borough Council representative on the Place Marketing Co-ordination Board: "The richness and diversity of our food and drink scene across market towns and villages is truly remarkable. These guides provide a fantastic opportunity to discover these hidden gems while indulging in incredible food and drink experiences."

Ready to embark on a delicious Leicestershire adventure? Visit for more information on attractions, activities, and accommodations in Leicester and Leicestershire!

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