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Welcome to the first edition of the Group Travel Magazine 2023, I hope you had a lovely time over the festive period, it seemed very strange not to have any restrictions whatsoever, but fantastic at the same time.

Now all you brilliant Group Travel Organisers can do what you do best, plan with impunity.

We have some excellent features inside, which include Europe’s Finest Distilleries, just in case you didn’t imbibe enough recently, we also reflect on 2022 with the passing of Queen Elizabeth 11 we have a new feature entitled By Royal Appointment, it’s amazing how many attractions and destinations share a link with the Royal Family both past and present. 

Our senior sales team Brett and Emma thoroughly enjoyed hosting a stand at the recent Excursions Group Travel Show at the Twickenham Stadium, they said how great it was to meet people they have spoken to in person face to face for the first time in a few years, as well as new people whom they have spoken to but not met, they said the enthusiasm of being there was palpable.

If you have any questions for either of them that you may have thought of since the show, please do not hesitate to contact them.

I shall put their contact details below.
Happy Travelling Nigel

Brett Kirby Tel: 07592 52605
Emma Middleton Tel: 07710 462812 Email: 

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Wish you were here



Hindu Temple in Colombo, Sri Lanka


This is the oldest and largest Hindu temple in Colombo and is dedicated to the Gods Shiva and Ganesh. Ganesha (also known as Ganesa or Ganapati) is one of the most important gods in Hindu mythology and he is also worshipped in Jainism and Buddhism.


A visit is a must to find out more about this fascinating religion it has monumental towers elaborated, with hundreds of colourful ornaments a delight the eyes and memories. Enjoy!

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